Hi, I’m Michele and I love to cook, garden and travel. This blog covers my own experiments in the kitchen, often with home grown produce and seasonal products. Much of my inspiration comes from traveling and being introduced to new food ideas.

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*and the big asterisk, appropriately named for the disclaimer I have to lay down: I am not a professionally trained chef (or gardener for that matter), I’m just sharing my personal experiences with food that I make or things that have worked for me, please use this site with your own judgement, at your own risk. I eat raw eggs, but I know that I could potentially get sick from that. I try to re-purpose leftovers within 5 days of making them or pop them in the freezer, if that’s too long for you or you weren’t counting, use your best judgement before eating. Make sure your meat is cooked fully enough before you eat it, things come out differently for everyone.