Sorrel is a perennial herb/vegetable, that’s rather like a lemony spinach. It’s good in salad and the French often use it in sauces or soup.

I love to eat it in the spring when it seems to go with everything, especially salmon.

I seem to have forgotten all about my plant all summer long. It got huge, needing a big trim before it dies back in winter.

I decided to make a sauce with it since I needed to use a large amount.

As with anything else, there are dozens of ways to make a sorrel sauce. But the first step is to clean and de-stem the harvest.

I had about 4 cups packed after everything was cleaned and sorted.

To start off the sauce, I sautéed a minced shallot into 3 tablespoons of unsalted butter. I added chopped sorrel in slowly as the butter became fragrant. Sadly, this beautiful green turns a bit drab as it cooks. Take the pan off the heat after all the sorrel has wilted and purée it with a 1/2 cup of creme fraiche or plain yogurt and salt and pepper to taste.

The sauce keeps for a few days and reheats well.

I served it on orange roughy and eggs, but I found I liked it on everything on my plate.

I froze what I couldn’t use and we’ll see how that turns out. I can see using the sauce on a Buddha bowl type meal and of course it would be great on salmon.

I’ve also seen variations of the recipe that call for broth or cream instead of creme fraiche, so you can customize it based on what you have in your fridge.

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