Broth – Make something out of nothing

There are dozens of resources on broth making out there and the only thing that I can add to them is that you don’t have to start with whole ingredients.

To make my broth, I save and freeze the clean ends of carrots, parsnips, celery, onions, too tiny to peel cloves of garlic, herb stems and even eggshells and along with any bones from home cooked meals.When I have about two quarts (or just want freezer space), I pop it all into my instant pot and cover it with water so it’s about 2/3rds fills and then use the high pressure soup program for 70 minutes.

I let it release naturally and then double strain it before storing. If I can’t use it over a couple of days, I freeze it. This doesn’t happen often enough in my home for me to have a freezing method, just be sure to use something freezer safe. Mason jars are not! LOL

You don’t need an instant pot to make broth – it just takes longer. I do everything the same on the stovetop, except I let it simmer for 24 hours or more.

I make broth the most often in fall and winter when I crave roast chicken and soup. I’ll share some tips about quick broth in the spring and summer once those seasons come.

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