Pumpkin seeds

I’m a big fan of salty crunchy things so I never miss a chance to make this more healthy option. Very crunchy, but with good fiber and micronutrients.

These are from my Halloween pumpkin, but this method is great for the seeds from any winter squash – butternut, acorn, spaghetti, delicata all have edible seeds.

After many disappointments with pumpkin seeds, I realized I was roasting them when they were too wet to crisp well.

The trick is to dehydrate them a bit after you wash the insides off them. I lay them flat on a baking sheet with no oil and roast them at 250 for about 15-20 minutes, stirring them once or twice during the process. This dries them out nicely.

Once your seeds are dry, turn the oven up to 350 and toss the seeds in oil, salt, and whatever spice you like and roast them for another 20 minutes, again stirring once or twice during.

My current favorite flavor combination is to use duck fat and herbs des Provence. But there are so many options – coconut oil and curry powder, butter and salt and pepper, olive oil and paprika, you name it.

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